Flex High School Cleveland Overview


District Office:5222 Wilson Mills Rd
Cleveland, OH 44143

School Profile

Start Date:Not Reported
End Date:Not Reported
Year round:
CollegeBound:Not Reported
Total Dollar Expenditure:Not Reported
Expenditure per student:
Discretionary Dollars per pupil:
Community Educational Climate:
Technology Measure :

Students Per Grade


Enrollment and Staffing

Teachers & Professional Staff:2.0

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Serving K – 5th (Elem):Not Reported
Serving 6th – 8th (Middle):Not Reported
Serving 9th – 12th (High):1

Selected Features and Programs

These are some of the special features and programs offered by this district. For a complete and up-to-date list of available programs, contact the district office directly.

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Public High (1 school)

Flex High School Cleveland9 - 125222 Wilson Mills Rd
Cleveland, OH 44143

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