Bedford County Public Schools Overview


District Office:310 S Bridge St
Bedford, VA 24523

School Profile

Start Date:Not Reported
End Date:Not Reported
Year round:
CollegeBound:Not Reported
Total Dollar Expenditure:$112,605,000
Expenditure per student:11294
Discretionary Dollars per pupil:6798.99
Community Educational Climate:B
Technology Measure :

Students Per Grade


Enrollment and Staffing

Teachers & Professional Staff:648.4

Schools by Grade Range View schools

Serving K – 5th (Elem):13
Serving 6th – 8th (Middle):3
Serving 9th – 12th (High):3

Selected Features and Programs

These are some of the special features and programs offered by this district. For a complete and up-to-date list of available programs, contact the district office directly.

  • Advanced placement
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Vocational Technical
  • Adult education classes

Public Elementary (13 schools)

Bedford Elementary School2 - 5806 Tiger Trl
Bedford, VA 24523
Bedford Primary SchoolPk - 1807 College St
Bedford, VA 24523
Big Island Elementary SchoolPk - 51114 Schooldays Rd
Big Island, VA 24526
Boonsboro Elementary SchoolKg - 51234 Eagle Cir
Lynchburg, VA 24503
Forest Elementary SchoolKg - 51 Scholar Ln
Forest, VA 24551
Huddleston Elementary SchoolPk - 51027 Huddleston Dr
Huddleston, VA 24104
Moneta Elementary SchoolPk - 512718 Moneta Rd
Moneta, VA 24121
Montvale Elementary SchoolPk - 51 Little Patriot Dr
Montvale, VA 24122
Otter River Elementary SchoolPk - 51044 Otter River Dr
Goode, VA 24556
Stewartsville Elementary SchoolPk - 51138 Wildcat Rd
Goodview, VA 24095
Goodview Elementary SchoolPk - 51374 Rivermont Academy Rd
Goodview, VA 24095
Thomas Jefferson Elementary SchoolPk - 51255 Patriot Pl
Forest, VA 24551
New London Academy SchoolPk - 512400 E Lynchburg Salem Tpke
Forest, VA 24551

Public Middle (3 schools)

Staunton River Middle School6 - 81293 Golden Eagle Dr
Moneta, VA 24121
Forest Middle School6 - 8100 Ashwood Dr
Forest, VA 24551
Liberty Middle School6 - 81237 Lacey Putney Way
Bedford, VA 24523

Public High (3 schools)

Jefferson Forest High School9 - 121 Cavalier Cir
Forest, VA 24551
Liberty High School9 - 12100 Liberty Minutemen Dr
Bedford, VA 24523
Staunton River High School9 - 121095 Golden Eagle Dr
Moneta, VA 24121

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