Buyer's Guide:

Your Weichert Sales Associate

Your Weichert Sales Associate will be a valuable guide on your journey to find a new home. He or she will be with you from touring homes to closing and will provide valuable knowledge of the process as well as an understanding of the housing market in your area that can help you make an informed decision.



Selecting a Realtor

In order to be called a Realtor®, your Weichert Sales Associate must earn a state license and complete additional training. Realtors® are also required to comply with a code of ethics and professional standards, above and beyond federal and state regulations.

All Weichert Sales Associates are members of the National Association of Realtors®. They receive supplementary training through Weichert’s industry-best training department.

Feel free to meet with several Weichert Sales Associates in your local Weichert office, because it’s very important to be comfortable and confident that the person you choose will find you the best home.

Some steps to take might be:

  • Search
  • Ask friends and family for a referral
  • Talk to Realtors® at open houses
  • Look at neighborhood signs
  • Ask for recommendations from professionals, like other realtors if you are searching for something outside of their specialty, real estate lawyers, accountants, etc.

Buying a House With a Real Estate Agent

Your Sales Associate will demystify a potentially intimidating process. He or she will listen to your needs and wants, apply inside knowledge to help you sort through all of the listings in your target area and guide you through the purchase process.

Although the timing may vary depending on your personal needs, here are the basic steps you should expect:


    1 | The Weichert Buyer’s Consultation
    Your Sales Associate will speak with you to learn the details of your current situation. Do you already own? Do you have a timeline? What is your current financial situation? The agent will help you sort through your list of needs, wants and wishes. He or she will let you know what services to expect from him/her, educate you on the process and on local market trends as well as what’s available in your target area.


    2 | Determine your purchasing power
    Your Sales Associate will introduce you to the Gold Services Manager in the office who is a licensed mortgage loan originator and can calculate monthly payments for different house prices and get you pre-approved for a loan, so you will be ready to submit an offer when you find the right home.


    3 | Touring houses
    Together you will select homes in your target area that meet your needs and as many wants as possible within your price range. Then he or she will arrange for you to see them on your schedule.


    4 | Choosing a home
    Your Weichert Sales Associate will help you discern the current value and potential resale value as well as any issues in the home. Emotions can often overwhelm when making such a large decision and it’s smart to rely on an independent voice of reason.


    5 | Making an offer
    A Sales Associate can help you decide on a fair price for your potential new home by employing a Weichert Price Trend Analysis* which includes recent comparable sales and local market trends. Together you’ll determine whether you need to include any contingencies. Weichert Sales Associates find that offers made in person are generally the most successful.


    6 | Negotiation
    Your Sales Associate will be an experienced negotiator and can be an invaluable ally in this area. Having dealt with the obstacles that hinder real estate transactions, he or she will be adept at finding solutions.


    7 | Due diligence
    Your Sales Associate is familiar with the steps of service paperwork, including appraisal and inspection, and adept at resolving last-minute issues that might delay a closing.


    8 | Closing
    Your Sales Associate will make sure you understand all the funds you’ll need, including closing costs, title insurance, proration and other fees.

As you can see, having a Weichert Sales Associate help you find and purchase your new home and help you save money by avoiding many common pitfalls.

Key Takeaways:
Your Weichert Sales Associate


As a Realtor®, every Weichert Sales Associate must be a member of the National Association of Realtors and comply with a code of ethics and professional standards.


In addition to being Realtors®, all Weichert Sales Associates have additional training through the industry’s best training department. You might want to speak to a few Weichert Sales Associates and ask them several questions.


Having a Weichert Sales Associate help you find and purchase your new home can help you save money by avoiding many common pitfalls.